The world is changing, and it's up to major players like Printemps to be the connectors and catalysts of change. Printemps has always embraced social change, integrating it into its development and democratizing it. Today, by making a strong and unique commitment to circularity, Printemps is perpetuating its commitment by promoting the positive and sustainable initiatives of brands and committed citizens.

By creating “UNIS VERS LE BEAU RESPONSABLE”, Printemps enables brands that have initiated a responsible approach to assess their profile and the impact of their sustainability initiatives.
Structured around 9 themes ranging from sustainable sourcing and responsible logistics to the promotion of an inclusive and circular economy and innovation, the “Unis vers le beau responsable” label asks brands to meet 22 exhaustive criteria.
Defined in conjunction with Imagin'able, an agency specialized in sustainable innovation, and a committee of experts and benchmark brands, the label aims to act as a catalyst for change on a day-to-day basis.
A living, evolving label that qualifies a brand by accumulating initiatives to reach a minimum score (30 out of 100).

"Co-creating with brands that are committed to offering consumers an ever-richer range of responsible products is Printemps' project with its “Unis vers le beau responsable” label. This approach has been designed to catalyze eco-responsible ambitions and enable all players in the fashion, home decoration and art of living sectors to move forward together and share best practices."

Stéphane Roth


To explain this approach, Printemps has drawn up a Manifesto available to visitors, highlighting the 4 founding principles of this experience: 

The “Unis vers le Beau Responsable” label federates a community of over 500 committed brands in all sectors (Fashion, Accessories, Beauty, Home...). The label was created in partnership with brands recognized for their commitment and independent experts. Brands with the “Unis vers le Beau Responsable” label are selected on the basis of demanding social and environmental criteria, taking into account the entire product life cycle: creation and sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, use and maintenance, and end-of-life. It enables us to identify products that enhance :

  • human values, through social and solidarity initiatives throughout the production chain
  • ethics, through know-how and local production
  • nature, through renewable and respectful raw materials
  • the circular and sustainable economy through upcycling and second-hand goods.

A virtuous chain between you, us and our partners, our “unis vers le beau responsable” label stems from Printemps' societal commitment and its role as a trigger for emotions and encounters that inspire and transform you.