An inspiring trendsetter

The Printemps Group shares its vision with its customers, brands, suppliers and all its many partners. We aim to inspire all stakeholders to enhance the positive impact of our actions. As such, our ethical purchase policy ensures the tracking and quality of our products. We are also currently implementing actions to promote women's empowerment and heritage preservation, as well as inclusion and solidarity.


Year after year, season after season, Printemps has always known how to reinvent itself. As part of its latest reinvention, Printemps unveiled its exclusive new brand, Saison 1865. While 1865 refers to the year the legendary store was created, “Saison” refers to the marvelous new beginning that occurs every year in spring as well as the calendar of fashion collections. But the word is all the more relevant in the era of exciting episodes of suspenseful TV shows, which are organized into seasons. And for good reason, because the diverse and cross-generational fashion of Saison 1865 is presented across collections – or seasons – with each look featured in a thematic episode. For example, the trench coat, the shopping bag and the tailoring that open the Grand Ball of Saison 1865 are also cliffhangers that stoke our excitement to find out what comes next! Soon we discover quilted jackets, zip-neck sweaters, down jackets and sexy knits, among other spoilers. Saison 1865 certainly tells the tale of a universal fashion for all men and women, but since it combines timeless pieces with the latest trends, the story is always evolving and the suspense is high to discover the next episodes of this dapper wardrobe full of elegant cuts, carefully selected colors and bold styles. The brand’s endless variety of ready-to-wear items and accessories for men and women are also marked by their staunch environmental commitment: designed primarily in Europe in high-quality or recycled materials, the Saison 1865 wardrobe has earned the “United for Responsible Beauty” label. GOTS-certified cotton pairs with Lyocell knits, while most of the small leather goods are made in France by talented partner craftsman. Saison 1865 is the story of an episodic fashion: both eternal and unconventional, inclusive and responsible.


of suppliers renewed over five years with high standards


of Au Printemps Paris small Men’s leather goods are made in France


of suppliers are located in the Euro-Mediterranean region

Preserving and promoting our heritage

Renovations and improvement works are regularly carried out on our buildings. This particularly concerns the facades of Printemps Haussmann, which has been listed as a Historical Monument since 1975. This project, which lasted four years, restored the eight corner rotundas and facades of the building and involved many craftsmen, from stonemasons to mosaicists and marble workers. The main dome, composed of 3,181 glass panels, was also renovated and cleaned in 2015. Printemps participates in the European Heritage Days by opening some of its stores' backstage areas to the public, including those of Printemps Haussmann.


14,000 m²

of facade renovated between 2007 and 2010

4,700 m²

of cut stones

6,200 m²

of metal and glass

Throughout the year, Printemps Haussmann invites the curious to discover the store behind the scenes. Book your visit now. 

Encouraging women's empowerment

The commitment is clear—to have women at the heart of Printemps’ business. Indeed, 75% of our customers and employees are women. This commitment is deeply anchored in our history, with Printemps having supported the women’s cause since 1887. It’s a commitment that traces the evolution of our society.



Since 2013, the Printemps Group has sponsored the RoseUp association, which aims at informing, supporting and defending the rights of women affected by cancer. Nearly €1 million has been collected since the beginning of 2013. A gala dinner has also been hosted every year since 2014 under the Printemps Hausmann’s dome to raise funds for the cause. In addition, Printemps has implemented initiatives such as the sale of "rosettes" at checkouts, or the auction—organised by Christie's—of Christmas window puppets designed by Chanel, Dior, Prada and Burberry.


The RoseUp association opens a "ROSE HOUSE" in Paris

Its mission is to welcome patients with cancer in a warm and reassuring environment. There, women can share their experiences, get pampered, exercise, enjoy precious moments and start living again—during or after illness. This initiative is funded by three main sponsors: the L'Oréal Foundation (which has been active since the opening of the Bordeaux Rose House), the Paris City Hall and Printemps.

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Initially introduced by Printemps Nation in 2009, the partnership with Odyssea has grown steadily ever since. In less than 10 years, it has raised more than €660,000 for breast cancer research, notably for the Gustave Roussy Institute. To this end, various events have been organised such as galas at Printemps Nancy, "solidarity shopping" at Printemps Nation and Printemps Italie 2, and the well-known Odyssea races.

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"Printemps is much more than a glamour partner: it is a solidarity partner"

Anne Bergougnoux

Communication Officer and Organiser of Odyssea


In 2019, Printemps teamed up with the Association for Women's Health (Agir pour la Santé des Femmes—ADSF), which helps women in need through various actions, such as sheltering, coaching, health promotion and disease prevention (with the help of medical aid trucks), and street visits. Employees from Printemps Haussmann and headquarters were invited to assemble kits of everyday necessities from old stock items and collected goods.

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In 2019, Printemps Haussmann teamed up with the Tissons La Solidarité association to create an exclusive capsule collection. This project was made of selected items from its house brands Au Printemps Paris and Brummell.

#TissonsLaSolidarité runs 70 rehabilitation structures helping people to return to a sustainable economic activity. This second-hand textile management association encourages the rehabilitation of 1,900 workers each year, of which 83% are women.

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Our projects for a better future-microgiving

To further its ethical giving, the Printemps Group has joined forces with the "MicroDon" initiative that invites customers to round up the amount of their bill to give the small difference to a charitable association. This has been extended to all Printemps stores for two campaigns per year.




collected for charities thanks to micro-donations since 2017