Founded in 1865 by Jules Jaluzot, Printemps is one of the French leaders in fashion, luxury, lifestyle and beauty with 20 department stores in France, including 4 affiliates and 1 outlet. As trendsetters, the 3,000 Printemps employees welcome 60 million visitors each year with a unique sense of service.
Printemps benefits from a remarkable cultural and artistic heritage. In 2015, our flagship store located on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris celebrated its 150th anniversary.







m² of commercial surface



Trigger new enriching & transforming encounters and emotions




Wherever we are, day after day, make Printemps a memorable & essential destination




At Printemps

You enter with a light step to get off the beaten track, to get some fresh air, to breathe in and to have your breath taken away.

From your sofa or the other side of the world, on your smartphone or ina store.

You go there to find yourself.

Because shopping there gives ideas that give ideas that give stories.

Because we make discoveries and encounters that move and transform us.

From 7 to 107 years old, everyone is pampered, everyone and each in particular.


More than a destination, it's a new beginning





Printemps Haussmann

Printemps Haussmann

As an authentic Art Deco architectural masterpiece, Printemps Haussmann is definitely the most beautiful Parisian building dedicated to retail. Covering more than 50,000m², the Group’s flagship gathers together the most outstanding fashion, luxury and beauty labels. The store also offers exclusive concepts (Le Sneaker, L’Endroit...) and personalised services in order to provide an exceptional shopping experience to over 22 million French and international visitors each year.

  • 45,000m² across 3 buildings
  • Over 1,000 brands
  • 3,000 Printemps employees

64, boulevard Haussmann - 75451 Paris Cedex 09
Tél. 01 42 82 50 00

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Printemps Alma

Inaugurated in 1971, located in the Alma shopping centre, Printemps Alma is Rennes’ go-to fashion department store. It was completely renovated in 2013 and now features a new graphic and luminous architecture. Additionally, almost a quarter of the offer was renewed to provide visitors with the full Printemps expertise: a sharp selection of over 320 brands, personalised services and exclusive concepts for a unique shopping experience

  • 6,110m² on 1 floor
  • Over 320 brands
  • 180 Printemps employees

Centre Commercial Alma - 35200 Rennes 
Tél. 02 90 92 55 00
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Printemps Deauville 

A symbol of elegance and leisure, Deauville welcomed the first Printemps store located outside of Paris in 1912. The building, an authentic jewel of Norman architecture, was renovated in 2009. It offers a selection of over 200 brands, personalised services and the best concepts. The store features a Printemps Luxury showroom that houses the most prestigious brands. Its watch and jewellery areas have recently been renovated in order to offer French and international clients an exceptional shopping experience.

  • 1,390m² on 4 floors
  • Over 200 brands
  • 60 Printemps employees

104, rue Eugène Colas - 14800 Deauville
Tél. 02 31 88 21 83
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Printemps Grand Var 

Inaugurated in 1978 in Toulon, Printemps Grand Var is located in a 43,500m² retail complex in Toulon. The 2014 refurbishment work enhanced its southern side with a colourful Californian style. Organised across one floor, the store has selected more than 420 major labels, personalised services and unique shopping concepts for its visitors.

  • 8,300m² across 1 floor
  • Over 420 brands
  • 270 Printemps employees

Centre commercial Grand Var. BP 505
83041 Toulon Cedex 9
Tél : 04 83 51 41 00
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Printemps Vélizy 2

Printemps Vélizy 2

Inaugurated in 1972, Printemps Vélizy 2 is the upscale department store located in France’s second-largest shopping centre in terms of turnover. Surrounded by a rapidly changing urban area, the store had to undergo some renovations to improve its customer experience and its offer. Renovated for the first time in 2008, the store provides all of the Printemps expertise: the best brands, exclusive concepts and personalised services.

  • 10,481m² on 2 floors
  • Over 370 brands
  • 350 Printemps employees

Centre Commercial Vélizy 2
2 avenue de l'Europe - 78140 Vélizy Villacoublay
Tél. 01 34 88 66 00


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Printemps Parly 2

Printemps Parly 2

Opened in 1969, Printemps Parly 2 is the leading luxury flagship in the west of Paris. It was the first department store to set up in one of the very first shopping center in France. Renovated in 2010 in a modern and bright Hausmanian style, it offers visitors all the expertise of Printemps with a demanding choice of nearly 600 brands, tailor-made services and unique concepts.

  • 10 450 m² on 3 floors
  • More than 600 brands
  • 400 Employees

Centre Commercial Parly 2 - Local Postal 333
78158 Le Chesnay Cedex


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Printemps Les Terrasses du Port

Proche du centre-ville et des grands sites culturels marseillais, dont l’emblématique Mucem, le magasin offre aux visiteurs toute l’expertise et les services exclusifs du Printemps. Sur deux étages, le Printemps Les Terrasses du Port propose un choix de plus de 340 marques triées sur le volet, des services sur-mesure et des concepts exclusifs (multimarques créateurs Maria Luisa, Maroquinerie Printemps du Luxe). 

  • 6 000 m² sur 2 niveaux
  • Plus de 340 marques 
  • 180 collaborateurs Printemps et démonstrateurs

Centre Commercial Les Terrasses du Port

9, quai du Lazaret

13002 Marseille

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Printemps Lille

Inaugurated in 1929, Printemps Lille is a central part of the city's history. Rebuilt in 1962 following a fire, it has never stopped renewing itself. Renovated in 2007, it is the second Printemps store in terms of commercial surface with more than 13,000m². It has successfully implemented the upmarket strategy initiated by the Group. Since April 2017, the Women’s Footwear, Men's and Women's Fashion areas have undergone considerable refurbishment work. Printemps Lille offers its visitors more than 500 prestigious brands and personalised services, as well as unique shopping concepts (L’Endroit, Dressing du Printemps, Maria Luisa, Printemps Luxury, etc.).

  • 13,130m² on 4 floors
  • Over 500 brands
  • 400 Printemps employees

39/45 rue nationale - 59000 Lille
Tél. 03 20 63 62 00


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Printemps Lyon

Printemps Lyon

Inaugurated in 1938, Printemps Lyon is positioned as the flagship store of the city. Extended in 1992 and renovated in 2008, it covers a 7,000m² surface within two buildings: one dedicated to men's fashion, the other to women’s fashion. The store offers its French and international visitors more than 400 brands, personalised services and exclusive concepts for a unique shopping experience.

  • 7,000m² within 2 buildings
  • Over 400 brands
  • 300 Printemps employees

42, place de la République - 69002 Lyon

Tél :

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Printemps Nancy

Printemps Nancy

Inaugurated in 1983, Printemps Nancy, formerly Magasins Réunis, is the only department store in southern Lorraine. Located in the heart of the city, it was renovated in 2008 to offer visitors the full range of Printemps’ expertise on fashion, beauty and luxury, thanks to the most exquisite brands, exclusive concepts and personalised services. In 2015, the facade of the building was refreshed to restore its original glow.

  • 6,055m² on 2 floors
  • Over 350 brands
  • 170 Printemps employees

2, avenue Foch - BP 524 - 54000 Nancy 
Tél. 03 83 32 96 10

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Printemps Nation

Printemps Nation

Inaugurated in 1964, Printemps Nation is the go-to large department store of eastern Paris. Thoroughly renovated in 2017, it aims to become the shopping destination for all generations with the addition of Citadium, Uniqlo and Maisons du Monde within its walls. In order to develop its attractiveness, Printemps Nation made full use of modern architectural design and a refined colour palette, in addition to its exclusive concepts and more than 440 brands.

  • More than 10,000m² on 7 floors
  • Over 440 brands
  • 280 Printemps employees

21-25 cours de Vincennes - 75020 Paris
Tél. 01 43 71 12 41

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Printemps Polygone Riviera

Printemps Polygone Riviera

In 2015, Printemps settled in Cagnes-sur-Mer in the heart of the Polygone Riviera open-sky shopping centre, with the ambition of becoming the Côte d'Azur destination for accessories, fashion and beauty. Installed within the walls of an Antonio Virga-designed building, the store offers its visitors a sharp selection of over 300 brands, personalised services and the best shopping concepts.

  • 6,320m² on 4 floors
  • Over 300 brands
  • 140 Printemps employees

Centre commercial Polygone Riviera - 137 avenue des Alpes
06800 Cagnes-sur-Mer
Tél : 04 83 53 40 00


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Printemps Rouen

Printemps Rouen

Inaugurated in 1928, Printemps Rouen was the third Printemps store to open outside Paris. Ideally located in the heart of the city, it benefits from a very dynamic area that attracts many tourists. Renovated in 2010, this chic loft-like retail space offers its customers the full Printemps' expertise with nearly 400 brands, personalised services and exclusive concepts.

  • 6,800m² on 3 floors
  • Nearly 400 brands
  • 210 Printemps employees

4 rue du Gros Horloge - 76000 Rouen
Tél. 02 32 76 32 32

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Printemps Valentine 

Inaugurated in 1982 and located in the eponymous district of Marseille, Printemps Valentine quickly became the shopping reference of the east of the city. Renovated in 2006, the store has since offered its customers nearly 400 carefully selected brands, personalised services and a very exclusive shopping experience.

  • 7,228m² on 1 floor
  • Nearly 400 brands
  • 230 Printemps employees

Centre Commercial La Valentine, Chemin de la Sablière 
13011 Marseille 
Tél. 04 86 06 46 00

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Printemps Outlet Miramas

Printemps Outlet Miramas

Inaugurated in 2017, the first Printemps Outlet store is located in the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Provence, the first outlet village in the south of France. Printemps Outlet Miramas covers a 600m² surface level: a real concept store featuring 90 fashion, accessory and luxury brands.;

  • 600 m²
  • 90 brands
  • 9 Printemps employees

Centre Commercial McArthurGlen Provence, Mas de la Peronne - 13140 Miramas
Tél. 04 88 88 76 52

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Véritable journée de festivités, c’est aujourd’hui que les vitrines de Noël du Printemps Haussmann ont été dévoilées en présence de Catherine Deneuve. Pour 2023, le Printemps célèbre les fêtes avec le thème "NOËL EN PAPIER, LES VŒUX SONT EXAUCÉS" et vous révèle onze vitrines teintées de poésie.

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