Discover the secrets of a Grand Magasin: go behind the scenes at Printemps Haussmann!
Did you know that you can book a guided tour behind the scenes at Printemps Haussmann? Accompanied by an expert guide, dive into the secrets of the pioneering architecture and the extraordinary history of our House, founded in 1865 by Jules and Augustine Jaluzot. This tour, designed as a vertical journey, will offer you an exceptional panoramic view over the rooftops of Paris, before taking you through the underground galleries.
From private entrances to confidential passages, you'll have the opportunity to admire emblematic Printemps Haussmann landmarks, such as the floating staircases, and discover the reverse side of the majestic stained-glass dome designed in 1910. From the “7th Heaven” to the basement, from the Second Empire to the 21st century, via Art Nouveau and Art Deco, this tour is a walk through the heritage of the Grand Magasin and its transformations over the last 160 years. Book now with our partner Groupe Manatour or on our website.