Pathways within the Group

Training: developing your employees' skills

At Printemps Group, we are committed to developing our employees’ skills and supporting them throughout their professional journey. Each employee can count on their manager and the Human Resources team to find the right training schedule for them.


Our training offer is accessible to all and is based on four pillars:

  • Accompanying the company’s projects and corporate strategy
  • Improving management skills
  • Strengthening trade skills
  • Improving personal development and in-house mobility

In 2012, Printemps Group created its own in-house training body to add to its existing offer—the Printemps Academy. It partners with a network of renowned institutions such as:



Today, the Printemps Academy offers more than 40 training programmes in order to achieve excellence in all our career fields, with a special focus on retail.



of our employees are happy at Printemps


of our employees benefit from in-house mobility each year


training hours in 2018


out of 100 is Printemps’ 2018 score for combatting occupational inequalities


in-house mobility for managers between 2017 and 2018

Listening to our employees

Printemps Group runs regularly an opinion poll to get to know its employees’ perception of their work, professional environment as well as the company as a whole.


Since the most recent Tempo survey, more than 280 actions have been implemented within the different branches of the Group to improve communication and working conditions.


74% of our collaborators are happy at Printemps.

Mobility: promotions and career moves

Following the annual interviews, managers and the Human Resources team meet to draw up a review of each employee’s skills and aspirations. This allows for better management of individual career paths. Employees can also directly apply for vacant positions or share their projects with the HR team.

Additionally, we encourage geographic mobility through a relocation support programme that includes both logistical and financial assistance.

Combatting occupational inequalities

At the end of 2018, a new monitoring tool for gender equality was implemented by the French government that lays out five measurement indicators to evaluate companies on a scale of 100. This new government programme also makes it mandatory for companies with at least 1,000 employees to achieve a minimum score of 75.


In 2023, Printemps achieved a global score of 98 out of 100. This shows the company's desire to maintain its efforts in combatting occupational inequalities, with the help of its social partners. It is also part of its CSR approach.



The five new gender equality indicators are:

  • Elimination of wage gaps between comparable positions and ages
  • Equal chances of getting a pay rise
  • Equal chances of being promoted
  • If salary raises have been allocated during maternity leave, female employees should get the same raise when returning to work
  • At least four women in the top ten best paid positions of the company


Professional equality index published on March 1, 2022
1- Pay gap indicator 38/40 37/40 39/40 40/40
2- Raise gap indicator indicator incalculable 35/35 35/35 35/35
3- Promotion gap indicator 15/15 - - -
4- percentage of employees who received a raise in the year following their return from maternity leave indicator incalculable 0/15 indicator incalculable indicator incalculable
5- number of employees of the underrepresented sex among the 10 highest paid 5/10 10/10 10/10 10/10
Total of calculable indicators 58/100 82/100 84/85 85/85
Index result (out of 100 points) indicator incalculable (1) 82/100 99/100 (2) 100/100

(1) The index is incalculable because the maximum number of points for calculable indicators is less than 75.
(2) The total of the calculable indicators is adjusted to 100 points using the proportionality rule.


Printemps is looking for open-minded, creative, demanding and caring individuals with a flair for entrepreneurship. Find out how to apply for a job at Printemps Group, succeed with your application, how to fit in and more.


How can i apply?

You can apply to one of our job offers or send us a spontaneous application. Preparatory interviews, collective recruitment sessions and speed recruiting events are regularly organised, especially within the Sales Department. These events are announced on our social media channels and enable us to carry out the entire recruitment process within a single day. And we make sure you get an answer on the day of the event.


Submitting a successful application

During interviews, we pay special attention to the applicant’s personality - passion, team spirit, sense of customer service, appetite for challenges, commercial mindedness and desire to become an ambassador. These are the crucial elements that will affect our decision.

Want to take part? Follow us on social media to catch our next recruitment sessions.



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We welcome you!

Newly arrived employees are welcomed by their managers and the Human Resources team through a personalised integration programme. They get introduced to the teams, discover the facilities, and meet their new stakeholders and colleagues in order to understand Printemps’ operations. These first steps allow for the best possible integration into the company.

Live my life with "Tous Retail” (Retail Together)

"Tous Retail" is a programme developed for headquarters and warehouse employees allowing them to (re)discover what sales life is like in-store and to encourage better relationships and communication between teams. A "Tous Retail" day is organised for each newcomer during their orientation, and then on a regular basis for all employees.